Pisces is the female and dual sign by nature. This zodiac sign water element and gentle by nature. Pisces signifies the north direction. The caste is Brahman and the color is brown. The Pisces zodiac sign is more powerful in night and their variance place is water. The lord of this zodiac is Jupiter. Venus gives high results and Mercury gives low results. The height of Pisces people is moderate, sometimes short stature. The color of this zodiac sign people is clear and the forehead is wide. These people are strong, light and soft black hair, strong body, but it has been seen that the person of Pisces is sometimes fatty and loose body. They are good looking and they are sweet and soft spoken. It is a dual-nature zodiac sign, thus there is discomfort in their mind. They are honest, imaginative and luxurious persons. He takes great care of his honor. They have a spirit of authority.


They have this longing in their minds. He likes only the intelligent and skilled wife in literature art. Their nature is also skeptical. Two marriages are yoga. Because their nature keeps changing, so their wife has to fear accordingly. Household life is happy. Sometimes due to change of thoughts and suspicious nature, some tornadoes also arise in the calm ocean of domestic life, which also have an effect on children. They have more children and there is definitely a boy and a girl.


Because they are equally capable of multiple tasks, they earn a lot of money. In this way, they donate with an open heart and also help by giving money. Being skilled, they also change their work easily. These are good actors, musicians, doctors, ministers, in politics, managers of banks, treasurers, in-charge or head of big donors, importer and exporter. They also become traders of goods made of liquids. They earns good money from government permanent jobs especially in the Navy.