Saturn in Shravana pada (part) 3~ Reap the rewards of past work.

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Saturn, the planet of boundaries, karma, and success, is in the third pada (part) of Shravana in the zodiacal sign of Capricorn from December 21st, 2021 until January 20th, 2022. This transit was previously in effect from late March to late July this year, so you will find resonance from last Spring and Summer, and weigh up your choices once more. Saturn is moving direct now, so you have given consideration to a long-range plan and are either embarking on a new course or reaping the rewards of your past hard work. Pada three of this nakshatra is ruled by Gemini navamsha – the underlying chart governing relationships and the subtle body – which here has an especially airy and intellectual tone. Media and influencing become lucky and important, and you can tailor your ideas and reach a wider audience. Public speaking, lecturing, and studying are also favored, as well as mantra-chanting and kirtan, which you can use to affirm and ground your ambitions. Saturn is strong in Capricorn and also rules the Air element, so it is worth thinking big and broadening your intellectual scope – this transit suits a serious and professional approach to writing and education. Shravana‘s Shakti, or a unique gift, is for Connection, so you may make links with people from the past or reap the benefits of a business association which you began earlier in the year. Shravana is symbolized by the Ear, and symbolizes wisdom and learning, especially through the spoken word, so once again you find an affinity with knowledge, teaching, and sharing information. This nakshatra is also associated with gossip and lose talk, and its underlying Mercury-ruled side sees you tuning out the negative and focusing on constructive talks and planning. Good luck to all my Page friends & hope you take advantage of these posts. The ending should always be good.

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